Lunch Period and Recess

Students attend recess and lunch with all of the classes in their grade. Each class has 25 minutes for recess, followed by 25 minutes for eating lunch.  


Those who bring lunch from home can retrieve their lunch boxes from the class-specific wagons that are brought to the cafeteria during each grade’s lunch time. Those who purchase lunch will line up in the kitchen area of the cafeteria to receive their hot or cold lunch. Daily meals can be seen on the school lunch calendar, which is distributed monthly or available online.


lunch payment

NO CASH is accepted on site for school lunches. Parents/Guardians must send a check to the Food Services department using the EZ Lunch Account Envelope Form, or set up an online account through MyPaymentsPlus. To open an account with MyPaymentsPlus, you need to obtain your student's lunch ID number by calling the main office.



For more information about My Payments Plus click here.  


free and reduced lunch

Your child may qualify to receive a District lunch free or at a reduced rate. The forms to qualify for a free or reduced cost lunch will be sent home the first week of school or you can download the form here.


lunch tips

Lunch can be a great time for kids to unwind and fuel up, but it can also have its pitfalls. Make sure to pack food your child will eat (especially at the start of the school year); keep it simple with your child’s favorite comfort foods. Also, make sure any food is in containers that are easy to open. Thermoses that are too tight or packaging that’s hard to open can be frustrating for little ones! 


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