Hello, new Clinton families!

Whether you have a little one starting Kindergarten or you just moved to town with older kids, we know the transition to a new school is a big one. Looking ahead to September is particularly challenging because we simply don't yet know what the 2020-2021 school year will look like, but we do know we're happy you're joining our amazing Clinton community and we hope to provide all the information you need for a smooth start. 



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Sign up for PTA emails! Every Sunday evening during the school year, our Weekly Update will arrive in your inbox. The Weekly Update is truly the single best resource there is on all things Clinton, and taking a few minutes to read through it (and review the calendar) each week will keep you up to speed on what's happening at school. 

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Please explore our PTA website! All the buttons in the blue menu bar above contain a wealth of info about Clinton School. Things might change as we get closer to September, but taking a look around the site will give you a feel for a typical school day and the types of PTA events and programs we supported during the 2019-2020 school year. 



Follow the Clinton PTA on Facebook to stay in the know! Once you've received confirmed enrollment at Clinton, parents and guardians can ask to join the Clinton Elementary Families Facebook group, which is a private group for current Clinton families and staff to share information, ask questions, learn more about school events and programs, and celebrate our successes.

▪ Clinton PTA Page
▪ Clinton Elementary School Families Group

In addition, there is a private Facebook group for each grade at Clinton. That's a great place to ask grade-specific questions and connect with other families in your child's class or grade. 

▪ Kindergarten
▪ 1st Grade
▪ 2nd Grade
▪ 3rd Grade
▪ 4th Grade
▪ 5th Grade
▪ Multiage Special Education

The South Orange & Maplewood School District is now on Facebook! Be sure to follow their page for updates and important information about the district and our community.

▪ SOMSD Page



You can also follow @clintonpta and @SOMSDK12 on Twitter for updates and announcements.



Follow @clintonartists for a peek into Caroline Warshany's art classroom and @anywherelibrarian for library projects and updates from Jen Latimer. 





Prepare for the first day of school while social distancing this summer!

Learn more about summer reading, school supplies, school gear, how to get automatic calendar updates and other online resources to explore.



If you're looking for fresh book suggestions, check out the district's Summer Reading List and our Clinton Summer Book Fair, with book recommendations from our award-winning, kid-favorite Clinton librarian, Jen Latimer. The Clinton book fair runs through September 4th and every purchase earns us Scholastic Rewards that will help restock Clinton's school and classroom libraries in the fall.

▪ SOMSD Summer Reading List
▪ Clinton Summer Book Fair



It's easy to get ahead of the rush (and catch the sales!) with our school supply lists by grade. The lists were developed by Clinton teachers and cover the basics needed in each grade. You might receive a list from your child's teacher in the fall with some additional items.

▪ 2020-2021 School Supply Lists

If you pre-ordered in June, kits will ship directly to homes this year. Keep an eye out for your order to arrive just before school starts. 



If you're in the market for fresh Clinton gear, there are a couple of options. We keep a small supply on-hand of our Clinton "stars" t-shirt. It's $10 and can usually be purchased at school events, like the Ice Cream Social in September. Additionally, we typically open up a limited-time, online school store twice a year. Our online store has a wider range of merchandise – tees, sweatshirts, PJs, and more – so keep an eye on your inbox later in the fall for more info about ordering. 

Students and staff celebrate Clinton Pride Day the first Friday of every month by wearing RED or their Clinton gear!



Our annual Rainbow Picture is a beloved Clinton tradition, with each grade creating a layer of the rainbow. Pro tip: Make sure you have a shirt in your child's grade color early in the year, because some colors can be a bit more panic-inducing at the last minute (purple? yellow?!). 

▪ 1st: BLUE
▪ 2nd: GREEN
▪ 3rd: YELLOW
▪ 4th: ORANGE
▪ 5th: RED 



Our PTA calendar highlights Clinton-specific events, plus important district dates and holidays (don't forget to subscribe to calendar updates!). Events for 2020-2021 will be added later this summer. Plan to participate in and volunteer for events such as our Winter Craft Fair, Clinton School Show and more!

▪ Clinton PTA Calendar

The SOMSD calendar and handbook can be found on the district website. It's a good idea to check back occasionally for any amendments to the district calendar. Pro tip: Be sure to read the "fine print" for more info on elementary-specific half days and how Emergency Closing Days (i.e., Snow Days) work. 

▪ SOMSD Calendar



You'll also find a lot of great info on the South Orange & Maplewood School District website. There is so much happening district-wide in the near future – the Intentional Integration Initiative, the Long Range Facilities Plan, coronavirus updates and, of course, distance learning and how school will be structured in the fall – so take some time to get familiar with the district site and check it often. 

▪ SOMSD Website





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If you're on Facebook, the Clinton Families group and the grade-specific groups are great places to ask questions. You can also email us at clintonpta@clintonelementary.org.

Welcome to the Clinton School family!


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